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Service 1: Agile One-on-One coaching

Agile one-on-one coaching is designed to give you the individualized attention of an experienced Agile practitioner whose techniques and strategies will help you to achieve your goals.

What to expect?

  1. Contact us for booking a catch-up. It could be online (skype) or face-to-face if you are located in Melbourne, Australia.
  2. An agile coach will contact you to confirm the topics you would like to discuss, along with date & time.
  3. We will give you the time and attention to understand your goals, so we can recommend the right strategies to get the right results. We appreciate that the goals of every client are different. Therefore, we will provide a personalized plan of action tailored to your specific needs.

Some of our clients’ goals have included:

  1. As a traditional project manager, I would like to know more about agile, so I can define a path to become an agile professional.
  2. As an entrepreneur, I want to seek guidance in how to use agile methodologies in my start-up, so that we can have better products, less waste, happier people, and shorter time to market.
  3. As an iteration manager, I want to have a safe conversation with somebody that listens and does not judge me, I also want to ask specific questions, and find solutions for some of the problems I am facing at work in my day to day.
  4. As a manager who works in an enterprise that is changing its way of working, I want to have an overview of Agile as a starting point, so I remain relevant as a leader.
  5. As a developer, I want to understand how to implement XP, so I can bring new ideas to my team.

Service 2: Agile Ad-hoc workshops

Ad-hoc workshop services, including agenda, preparation, and facilitation. Successful Agile events required expertise. Our agile coaches work closely with clients to help them clarify the results they want from their workshop; develop an agenda and session plans to engage and challenge participants with games and hands-on exercises; plan logistics, and prepare visually engaging pre-reading and presentation materials.

What to expect?

  1. We’ll provide a questionary to understand your requirement.
  2. We’ll provide a quote.
  3. After approval, well meet with your team to prepare agenda and logistics.
  4. Our coaches will facilitate the event.
  5. We’ll email you a report with outcomes.

Examples of workshops include.

  1. Project kick-off
  2. Planning Increment events (SAFe)
  3. Inspect and Adapt events (SAFe)
  4. Backlog Grooming
  5. Design Thinking
  6. Team retrospectives, iteration planning, executive showcases.
  7. Program or Team kick off.